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When you’re comfortable and confident with your makeup artist, you’ll look even more beautiful.

Let’s talk price range: Jo-anna tells us that you do indeed get what you pay for, and that of the costs you can cut for a wedding, the makeup artist should not be one of them.

Also, first-hand recommendations from people are key (don’t listen to someone who says “I saw the pictures from so-and-so’s wedding and the makeup looked amazing even though I never saw it in person).

If you have no one who can give you a good recommendation, you can search online, but be wary of the source.

Bloggers who are experts in beauty and trusted media websites can be great resources, but steer clear of Craigslist and other shady sources.

Traits you should look for in a makeup artist: Besides just doing great work, your makeup artist should have a personality you can click with.

Plus, keep in mind that you should be finding someone who is reliable, responsible and confident.

You shouldn’t have to worry about if your makeup artist will show up on time or have the right products.

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Jo-anna typically has the first trial with the bride about six months before the wedding to talk about skin care and the possibilities of needing to see a dermatologist, whether eyebrows need to be grown in over time and other long term fixes that take time to happen before the big day.

The most dangerous situation is when your device is infected, and you don’t even realize it. It works as secretly as possible so that you’ll overlook the damage it’s causing.

One commonly held belief is that Apple phones and tablets never get malware.

Plus, before you even have your trials, be sure to communicate with your artist about the kind of makeup you want with any pictures and visuals you can find.

This will make the trial process much quicker and more effective.

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