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Andy asked about the strangest thing that happened.Kat start talking about the guest’s crotchless panties.I did some yard work late this afternoon, came inside and literally was knocked out cold before I knew it.

Jennice mentions Kelley not picking her up from the airport when he said he would. Jennice said that Kelley did hurt her and has done things since the show aired that she does not understand. Something about getting into a battle of wits with someone who is unarmed. Kate says she doesn’t like when someone who works for her turns on her and is insubordinate and instead of looking for solutions, casts blame.Love seemed to bloom almost immediately after these two deckhands hopped aboard the Ohanaand it cooled down just as fast by the end of the reunion — so much so that it looked like they might never be on speaking terms again.There's a lot of things that happened on both and below decks dating, and I got the brunt of it in the reunion because of what I said, but there's a lot of things that she did that I don't really want to talk about that made me really not want to reach out to her," he explained.He was shocked that something so long ago would come up on the show. Andrew said he has since worked on a private charter.BTW, Andy is mostly reading viewer questions as he does when he doesn’t want the blame for asking the hard questions. She says she said it once and that’s an exciting part of the job. Discussing what is likely an imaginary memory or ridiculing current guests on national television? Andy says he heard he got thrown off that charter too.

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