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Dot inlay, cherry sunburst (MA)" 0432 "Baby Standard. '59 burst, refin cherry red/EMG's added (1981)" 0546 "Standard. Crown inlay, light sunburst, factory stop tailpiece (11/16/78)" 8 0523 "Sunburst. Crown inlay, dark sunburst (1/12/79)" 9 0615 "Sunburst. Crown inlay, sunburst, Dan Armstrong-style headstock, made for Billy Bremner of Rockpile (UK)(1/19/79)" 9 0718 "Sunburst. Dot inlay, dot inlay, dark sunburst, changed to black (6/29/79)" 9 1061 "Sunburst. Dot inlay, dark sunburst, black knobs (WI)" 9 1237 "Sunburst. Dot inlay, cherry transparent, Gibson tuners " 0 1524 Sunburst. Dot inlay, cherry transparent, mild flame, jumbo refret (MI)" 0 1987 "Sunburst.Ebony/dots, raspberry satin metallic/binding (1/12)(CA)" 0454 "Standard. Dot inlay, cherry red, Kahler added (8/28/81)" 0572 "Standard. Dot inlay, sunburst, Gibson patent # pickups (TX) (11/21/78)" 8 0544 "Sunburst. Dot inlay, dark sunburst, holes drilled for Badass bridge, converted to lefty nut and bridge, (6/29/79)" 9 1068 "Sunburst. Dot inlay, dark sunburst, gold knobs (NJ)" 9 1291 "Sunburst. Dot inlay, black, changed knobs (cream) (WI)" 9 1352 Sunburst. Dot inlay, sunburst, minor binding damage, gold knobs (WI)" 9 1397 "Sunburst. 1980 World Tour inlay, Japanese flag finish (RN)" 0 2001 "Special.Dot inlay, natural, Gibson p/us, gold hardware, new nut (Australia)" 0357 "Standard.Sunburst, retopped and re-inlaid fingerboard (heavily modified) " 0381 "Standard.Crown inlay, cherry red w/matching headstock, pearl inlaid Hamer logo, gold hardware. Dot inlay, green transparent, active boost, push/pull pots " 1 2536 "Custom Five Neck.Orange, fretless six/six/vibrato/six/twelve (RN)" 2537 2538 2539 2540 1 2554 "Prototype.Dot inlay(wide octave markers), natural, pickup covers (MN)" 0214 "Standard. Dot inlay, antique cherryburst, Pat # p/u's, Owned by C. Crown inlay, sunburst (1979)(CA) " 0244 "8 String Bass. Dot inlay, sunburst, Kahler added (NY) " 0283 "Standard.

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Dot inlay, red transparent *STOLEN* " 0658 "Standard. Dot inlay, white, X2N pickups, active preamp, logo in lower case letters, formerly owned by RN (CA)" 7 0001 "Sunburst. Crown inlay, sunburst, Kahler added " 0 2167 "Special.

Dot inlay, black w/gold (or silver) sparkle, Gibson Thunderbird electronics, owned by Martin Turner." 0002 "Standard. Crown inlay, dark sunburst, small logo, switch ring (FSM-PA)(1976)" 0022 "Standard. Block inlay/ebony board, cherry sunburst, Left handed model (CA) (1978)" 0126 "Standard. Bolin, although this is not possible" 0152 "Vector.

Dot inlay, sunburst, PAF in bridge (Martin Barre)" 0004 "Standard. Dot inlay(wide octave markers), dark tobacco burst, small logo, switch ring, alt. Dot inlay, sunburst, bound ebony board, switch ring (CA)" 0046 "Standard Bass. Bowtie inlay, custom checkerboard, Rick Nielsen (1978)" 0127 "Vector. Dot inlay cherry sunburst.(1978) (RN) 0133 "Standard. Bowtie inlay, custom checkerboard, Rick Nielsen (1979)" 0153 "Vector.

Dot inlay, cherry sunburst (CA)" 0476 "Standard Bass. Dot inlay, cherry sunburst, Kahler/EMG bridge added (MD)" 0580 "Standard. Dot inlay, cherry, replaced bridge pickup, refret (MI)" 9 1070 "Sunburst. Dot inlay, flags of the world interchangeable top (RN)(7/31/79)" 9 1132 "Sunburst. Dot inlay, transparent cherry red, black knobs (NJ)" 9 1402 "Sunburst. Dot inlay, transparent yellow (UK)" 0 2013 "Special.

Dot inlay, 3 tone sunburst, tags, headstock repair (IA)" 0599 "Standard 8 String Bass. Dot inlay, sunburst, black knobs (FSM-PA)(6/29/79)" 9 1089 "Sunburst. Dot inlay, sunburst, ""Bill"" engraved on truss rod cover " 0 2112 "Special.

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