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Add to i Tunes | Add to You Tube | Add to Google | RSS Feed A few weeks ago, I did a Screencast about my free Word Press theme, Wicket Pixie. I had forgotten that if you have a Mac, you’ve probably never seen these files. There sits information about that folder, much like the . If you’ve ever downloaded something and later seen one of these files, you may have been worried as to whether you need them or not. The next time you change your preferences, a new one will be created.

The reason why I’m bringing this up, is that the first time I zipped all the files up on my Mac to put online, people were complaining. Now, if you want to zip up files and not include the .

)Structure Iloc type blob is icon location for the last-identified file.

Length is 0x10 (16), two 4-byte values representing the horizontal and vertical positions of the icon's center (not top-left). ) For the purposes of the center, the icon only is taken into account, not any label. Structure BKGD type blob known length 0x0c (12) is for the background.

We are excited to announce the release of Mountain Duck.

At 0x14[4] or 0x16[2], there is a value that contains the seek_set offset of some actual interesting data.0b is the length of the filename to follow, the file name is in Unicode UTF-16 so each character is a 2-byte value.So with this in mind, it's evident that each structure as described above actually contains at its beginning [length:4][filename:length] before the structure type, and the 00 00 00 01 00 2e just means that the structure applies to the current directory/folder ('.'). Structure fwi0 type blob is Finder window information. The data is first four two-byte values representing the top, left, bottom, and right edges of the rect defining the content area of the window.The section at 0x1000 cannot be removed without breaking the file.The section at 0x800 is junk and can be removed, although I'm not removing it yet until I can verify that it's not constant and is just junk from other files. The section that contains the remnants of the stuff at 0x1400 is more junk, just like the other partial duplicate contents of the file and other files, and can be removed.

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