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Elder, once he gets over his instinctual homophobia, proves all too happy to indulge the bizarre desires of his older suitor if it means free food that he can slovenly slurp up.

“From Afar” begins to play out like a series of foils – repressed desires manifesting in middle-aged impotence against hyped-up bravado fueling a teenage virility, for example. These roles mostly derive from their paternal-filial dynamic, though things take a darker turn when that bond starts taking on a sexual charge.

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” It’s telling that, in a post-screening talkback, writer/director Lorenzo Vigas asked this question of the final turn in his film rather than a more neutrally-worded variation like, “Why did he?

One day he meets Elder, a 17 year old boy that is the leader of a criminal gang, and that meeting changes their lives forever.

Armando is een man van middelbare leeftijd die in Caracas in een laboratorium voor gebitsprotheses werkt.

In 1995 is hij cinema gaan studeren en regisseerde kort daarna experimentele films, documentaires alsook reclamefilmpjes.

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His aesthetic focuses on the fine details of any given setting, accompanied by mundane source sounds. It’s just these characters, this odd relationship, this tense transformation – and us watching it all unfold, only slightly less capable than anyone in the film from stopping the inexorable explosion.

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Armando, a 50 year old man, seeks young men in Caracas and pays them just for company.

We zagen het vaker, maar zelden zo indringend als in deze Venezolaanse tragedie over beschadigde mannen.” 4½ ★★★★ De Filmkrant “Ongetemd, ongeremd en onveilig (…) betoverende, hypnotiserende cinema.” 4 ★★★★ NRC Handelsblad/NRC Next “Ontroerende karakterstudie over twee mannen die worstelen met hun homoseksualiteit (…) terechte winnaar Gouden Leeuw Venetië.” 4 ★★★★ Het Parool “Spannend debuut over de vloek van de afwezige vaders.” 4 ★★★★ Trouw “Acteur Alfredo Castro is formidabel als altijd.

Desde Alla blinkt uit in de subtiel opgebouwde spanning en de desolate sfeer.” 3 ★★★ De Volkskrant & 4 ★★★★ 4 ★★★★ 3 ★★★ Lorenzo Vigas’ impressive debut charts an unlikely May-December romance with grace, subtlety and tension.

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