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The "disease" was highly contagious and rapidly jumped from player to player, quickly killing hundreds of low level characters that came into contact with it.Blizzard had to code in a quarantine of sorts and the player base reacted by changing the way they played the game, including staying out of the major cities in order to avoid infection.What made the battle truly epic in the beginning was that one match could literally go on seemingly forever.If one side started to win the fight, the opposing side could "turtle" at one of several bottlenecks along the map and delay or even push back the aggressors.Players will be able to go to an instanced version of Southshore vs. Pv P had a tiered gearing system, and the better you were at Pv P, the better tiers you had access to.

The machinima film by Myndflame won multiple awards in a contest held by Blizzard and Xfire. The success of Illegal Danish and other early works led to an explosion of first launched, the game didn't have any of the Pv P battlegrounds or arenas that we have today. The map located north of Ironforge featured an Alliance town, Southshore, and a Horde town, Tarren Mill, in close proximity to each other.

The pandemic and ensuing reaction caught the attention of scientists, who used the incident as a case study on how human beings might react in the case of a bio-terrorist attack or accidental deadly outbreak.'s first major raid instance, and a sword called Thunderfury was one of the game's first seriously coveted pieces of loot.

As a "legendary" item, Thunderfury was more powerful than even the "epic" gear that dropped off of most raid bosses.

Thunderfury is also responsible for a meme that still pops up in one of the game's main chat channels even today.

A player will ask, "Did someone say Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker?

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